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System installation

Ulrich Energy & Solar
​System Installation

You can use the power of the sun to generate the power you use! A PV system can be roof or ground mounted and can easily provide the electrons needed to run your new high efficiency air conditioner or heat pump, and more. Your new PV (photovoltaic) system works by converting the sunlight to electrons which flow though a power inverter to your home’s appliances. Any extra power is stored in the electric grid until it’s needed by you. There’s no batteries or switches as the inverter does all this automatically.


For your new PV system to make the most power, your location should be free from shade all year and face south of east or west. A good guide to find the right size can be found here. Or just call us for a free quote and solar site survey! 

​Have solar already? We offer service and repair for existing systems. Or upgrade your system’s performance with a new inverter and additional modules!



"Comfort without the cost"

Pool Solar

Our Powerstrip Solar Pool Heating System has many advantages over the competition. Foremost, it is the only product designed to look great on tile roofs. These solar arrays are installed across the roof in 12 inch strips that match the roof courses and are fitted to your roof area. Since the Powerstrip is flexible it can tolerate a freeze and does not expand and contract like conventional plastic solar arrays. This ensures that your home stays free from leaks.

Almost any pool solar heater will warm your pool and if installed correctly, will last. The key to a lasting system is the proper marriage of the pool solar to your pool pump system. We make sure the water pressure and flow across your new solar array is correct, ensuring high performance for many years.

High Efficiency Air Conditioning

Upgrade your home’s old low efficiency air conditioner with our high efficiency model. Add PV Solar to power your new air conditioner, or more, and enjoy greater savings from the cool comfort of your home. Call us to find the model that’s right for your home. 

Here’s some ways improve the performance of your heating and air conditioning system today:

We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project. Check out samples of our recent work,and you'll agree that we're the best choice for your home energy project.
Replace your filter monthly, use the cheaper thinner ones

Upgrade to a programmable thermostat and check the settings

Seal leaky duct work and add insulation (its common for ducts to leak 30% of heating/cooling money!)

Ensure registers are open and not blocked for even air flow

​Make sure your air conditioner is not oversized! A smaller air conditioner that runs more hours during the day will use less power and make your home more comfortable than a big one that starts and stops a lot.